In final episode of our first podcast season, the three of us reflect upon our first ten years together, what it means to be on an indie label, our favourite and most significant gigs, and why Alternative Baggy Psyche might be the next big genre…Thanks to Olivia & Sumit, Ninja Tune, and Tom at ATC. Artwork by from an original photo by Tommy N Lance. Podcast edited by Tim.

Our book, that inspired this podcast, is out now – buy it here

The last episode before the season finale with its cliffhangers!

The three of us discuss all aspects of the 18-month tour that followed the Hard Believer album – from our amazing support act Douglas Dare, to the great venues, cities and countries we visited, plus the real heroes of the enterprise: the bus drivers… 

Our book, that inspired this podcast, is out now – buy it here

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Episode 7 of the Fink podcast sees the three of us discuss the making of Hard Believer, our second L.A. record with Billy Bush and home to some of our favourite tracks, including Pilgrim, Green and the Blue, Shakespeare and Looking Too Closely, featuring our new friend Ruben Hein on piano…

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Thanks to Olivia & Sumit, Ninja Tune, and Tom at ATC. Artwork by from an original album cover by James Lake. Podcast edited by Tim.

Our book, that inspired this podcast, is out now – buy it here

It’s one thing to bang on about recycling stuff and being environmentally friendly – it’s another thing to strive to use what is already out there, to create your stylish gear. Tapping into the globe’s vast bank of unused military clothing, blankets, even parachutes, Christopher Raeburn has grown his business over the last 10 years into a formidable world player.

It was a pleasure to edit this latest episode of the Suzy Menkes podcast, in which Mr Raeburn gives Suzy a guided tour of his Hackney shop/lab/archive. I certainly learned a lot…

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Knowing what an ABBA nutcase I am, quite a few people have asked me what I reckon to the pair of new ABBA tracks that came streaming out of the streaming services earlier this evening. So I thought I’d write a few quick early thoughts down.

  1. They sound like ABBA (good).
  2. They sound like records played and sung by musicians in their seventies, as opposed to ABBA trying to sound like they’re in their forties or even thirties (very, very good).
  3. The vocals are not drowned in compression and autotune (absolutely brilliant).
  4. Both songs are swamped in strings (bad).
  5. The drummer of the first track sounds a bit too good, and not necessarily a drummer ABBA have used before (meh).
  6. The drummer of the second track sounds, unless I’m very much mistaken, like Per Lindvall, who drummed on Super Trouper and the Mamma Mia film (great).
  7. The first song sounds like something from Chess (not great, but understandable).
  8. The second track sounds like Dancing Queen meets If It Wasn’t For The Nights (could be worse).
  9. The lyrics sound like they’re written about actual situations and feelings that they’re actually experiencing right now, and might even have been written in the studio (brilliant).
  10. I can’t remember either of the melodies now (bad).

All in all… not bad, certainly not the auto-tune laden disaster I feared, and really quite good. Better still, one actually feels like there are some real anticipation and nerves going on within the band; a vulnerability that cuts through the music and hints at the essential, raw listening experience of the band’s best tracks. I’m no longer fearing more new ABBA songs, but looking forward to them. In fact, by jingo, I’ve pre-order the record…

Last autumn I started working on new music with my friend Jannik Tai Mosholt – singer, writer, producer, award-winning Copenhagener. It sounds like a cliché to say “before we knew it, we had about ten songs” – but hey, before we knew it, we had about ten songs. Here’s the first one we’ve deemed worthy of release into the wild. We call it Poundy, and we call our project Sans-Europe Express. Turn it up!

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