I play the drums, and the guitar. I compose and produce music. I edit podcasts. I also write novels. I probably sound quite annoying, but I’m not (really).

Season One finale of the Fink IIUII podcast

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In final episode of our first podcast season, the three of us reflect upon our first ten years together, what it means to be on an indie label, our favourite and most significant gigs, and why Alternative Baggy Psyche might be the next big genre…Thanks to Olivia & Sumit, Ninja Tune, and Tom at ATC. Artwork by brandnewhistory.net from an original photo by Tommy N Lance. Podcast edited by Tim.

Our book, that inspired this podcast, is out now – buy it here https://store.finkworld.co.uk/products/iiuii-book-with-signed-aaa-pass?utm_source=Microsite&utm_medium=Artist_Site&utm_campaign=Fink


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